Understanding Canvas in Off Road Camper Trailers

Understanding Canvas open research series for off road camper trailers resized 600

Many people have graduated from swags to tents to camper trailers.

This progression gives you more “space’ each time you step up. And with the right space you get better cooling in summer or warmer in winter. With more comfort comes a better experience.

Canvas design for camper trailers is vastly different to a that for a tent.

You are paying much more money and for that money you need a superior design. 

You should always get:

  • Double Layer Roof : Dry, no condensation and no wet canvas on the bed when packing up
  • Air Space around your head: no cold canvas close to your ears and plenty of air flow in hot weather
  • Layout with a convenient flow: Bed to Ensuite, Hard Floor to second Bedroom, Hard floor to kitchen
  • In 25 knots of wind and rain, you can still sleep or read a book with ease! Your Camper trailer is dry and cosy inside!

This 36 Page eBook can be downloaded for research on whether canvas will suit you on your adventures and travels.

Here is the table of contents:

  1. It’s the design that is different for a camper trailer compared to a tent!
  2. Airflow and comfort sleeping off-road 
  3. Flameproof Canvas near Kitchens
  4. Australian Technology in Canvas Design & Fabrication
  5. Traps with Canvas
  6. Strength and Waterproofness in Canvas Design
  7. Materials in Canvas Design
  8. Range of Materials used
  9. Disadvantages of Pop Tops, even with a hard roof!
  10. Keeping out midges: The little things that ruin a good trip
  11. Large 220W solar on Canvas Fly
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