Interchanging Wheels and Tyres between Vehicle and Camper Trailer/ Caravan

Matching Wheels and Tyres Guide camper trailersYou have just suffered your second flat tyre in a short time. It is mid afternoon and the clock is ticking toget to camp.

At this point in time...
How important is it to have interchangeability of wheels and tyre between your vehicle and your camper trailer or caravan?

  • Why interchange Wheels and Tyres between your vehicle and your caravan /camper trailer?
  • Matching Vehicle Tracking Width
  • Matching Vehicle Wheel Size
  • Matching Vehicle Wheel Type and Tyres Decision Tree
  • Vehicles with small PCD and unable to match with 2 tonne bearings
  • Matching 18” Wheels and Tyres
  • Matching 150 Series Toyota Prado
  • Quick Check on Major Brands
  • NJOY Guide No 14, 2011
  • Suspension Arm Offset Photos
    Hubs and Studs Photos
    Suspension Arm Close Up Photos with Hubs
  • Bonus Section on Tyre Markings and Pressure settings

    PLUS NEW IN 2017
  • Interchangeable wheels and tyres now available for Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover
  • This eBook will be re-written to accomodate this major change in late January 2017. It will be re-sent to all those who register early.

Find out how easy or difficult it can be to match your specific vehicle. Over 10 vehicles and hub sizes listed.