Guide to Silent & Superlight Fuel Cells

Why invest in a Fuel Cells for your off-road camper trailer or caravan?understanding fuel cells with caravan

This eBook is a thorough guide to the advantages and disadvantages of fuell cells for off-road applications.

You will read that the stored energy is safer and easier to handle than petrol or LPG. Methanol has the LOWEST wetght of 4 different sources. It is only 3% of the weight of an equivalent lead acid battery energy source.

The EFOY fuel cell operation is Automatic and simple to use.

The Chapters are:

  • 1. Performance Advantage
  • 2. Testimonial off-road in Central Australia
  • 3. The Technology behind EFOY Fuel Cells
  • 4. Fuel Cartridges
  • 5. What are the figures of weight, power and capacity?
  • 6. Summary of what can be operated by a Fuel cell in an off road camper trailer or caravan
  • 7. Installation Photos
  • 8. Test results
  • 9. Local Modification for high ambient temperatures
  • 10. Performance Expectations and Recommendation
  • 11. Technical details
  • 12. Summary of Advantages and Disadvantages

The recommendations include the weight of a complete setup for the lowest weight and longest life.