Getting the most from multimedia in full-size off-road caravans - FREE eBook - REVISED March 8th 2013

Imagine watching an MCG Test in the quietness of an overcast and damp day on the coast. Or playing your favourite tunes as you are preparing for dinner.

Much better than home!

This eBook outlines what you can and can’t play on systems that are available.

  • Summary of what is available in off-road caravans
  • Listening to music inside/outside
  • Waterproof and Dustproof?
  • Enjoy your favourite movies on a 24inch LED Screen using downloaded material from a USB
  • Using an Apple TV
  • Use of WiFi and NextG 3G Service with Internet
  • Using a Satellite Dish is now easy
  • Viewer Access Satellite Television service or VAST
  • VAST Channels Available (Mid 2012)

The Satellite VAST service is a great free innovation for travellers from the Australian Govt. Take advantage of this on your next trip. Download the free eBook now and see how easy it is!