eBook on charging and use of Amazing Lithium Batteries

2017 October Update eBook on Lithium Batteries

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Kimberley have shipped over 2,000 Lithium Batteries with thousands of kilometers of customer feedback and experience. 

The latest technology is Bluetooth Lithium Batteries. These are 200Ahrs at a C3 rating.

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These batteries communicate via bluetooth with your Smartphone to allow you to monitor performance and to have valuable diagnostic data available instantly.

No need to take a cover off or lift a voltmeter to check!

The eBook Covers:

  • What are Lithium Iron Batteries and why are they Amazing?
    Environmental Benefits
    Performance Benefits (Updated)
  • Use with Inverters and appliances (NEW)
  • The Easy Part: installing Lithiums. The hard part is charging them.
  • Operating with Inverters and a guide to what appliances can be used.
  • Charging from multiple Sources
    Using 240V, Solar , Fuel Cells and Vehicle chargers
    With a guide for solar performance MPPT settings. (NEW)
  • Discharging and Storage
  • Sizing your Lithium Batteries (UPDATED)
  • Complete Electrical System