Download the Off-Road Caravan Essentials Guidebook

JUST UPGRADED TO 72 PAGES on December 22nd 2014

The core question when investigating your off road caravan requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience?  “Experience” is more than just looking. It is not just soaking up the beauty of Australia, it is also living and sharing experiences.

With the right caravan you can stay anywhere and experience all of Australia. When (not “if”), you find your favourite spot, you can stay as long as you like. Its your choice and not dependent on facilities. 

Instead of talking about our designs, we have structured this ebook around identifying the problems in off road travel first and then reviewing design solutions. 

These designs may not suit everyone. Researching YOUR personal requirements for an off road caravan can take time. Once travelled, you have better insights into what your requirements are, but the purchase has been made!

The topics which include more than 8 tables are:

  1. Compliance requirements for "self contained" tourist areas and National Parks
  2. Low weight is essential
  3. Length and turning circle
  4. Width, tracks & reversing mirrors
  5. Matching wheels & tyres
  6. Size of the vehicle - size of the caravan
  7. Energy Trends for the future and What size batteries to design for?
  8. The weight of adding batteries and solar
  9. Adding the weight of additional water tanks
  10.  Dual Grey water tanks and using reclaimed water
  11. Toilet Choices
  12.  Braking - how does this affect size?
  13. Shock Absorbers: Saviour or Slave?
  14. Insulation, Tropical Rooves, Airflow and comfort off-road
  15. Air-suspension and changing a wheel without a jack

This eBook will give you better insight into the issues when travelling off road so you can better list your requirements.