Download "How to Optimize your Tyre Pressures on your Caravan/Camper and your vehicle"

A major problem faced by travellers is maintaining proper tyre inflation:

Over or Under-inflation contributes to:

  • Rapid and uneven tread wear,
  • A loss in fuel economy,
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Excessive heat buildup which may lead to tire failure.

Then there are these issues:

  • Air permeates through tires slowly, so that they typically lose about 2 psi per month in warm climates, and even more in hot climates.
  • A small puncture from an imbedded nail or fencing wire can cause a tire to be significantly underinflated.

New Tyre pressure monitor off road caravan 12 wheelThe topics in this eBook include:

  1. Why is tyre pressure and temperature so crucial?
  2. What is the link between Tyre Pressure and Temperature?
  3. Getting the starting pressure right
  4. Adjusting the pressure with the 4PSI or 6PSI rule
  5. Adjusting the pressure to the optimum
  6. Using a TPMS:
    1. Specifications of TPMS
    2. TPMS Kit from Kimberley
  7. Suggested Pressure and Speed for off-road conditions
  8. Conversion Table
  9. Is there an Optimum Tyre Size?
  10. Acceleration, Braking and Load Transfer
  11. Tyre Markings/ Tyre Size
  12. Tyre Ageing

This eBook steps through the best way to set your tyre pressures. It also leads into the benefit of using a TPMS (Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System). It will give you better insight into tyre issues when travelling off road and recommendations that can save you repair time, money and ultimately protect your safety. Download it for free!