Digital Photographers Guide to the Best Professional Caravan Setup

Great photography of stars around campfire with off road caravan

What a terrific photograph by a customer passionate about his photography while camping!

However, he doesnt want to lose any of those images and wants to backup all his data and charge all his camera batteries in a safe location.

This eBook describes a professional setup to do just this: It has a background on the Digital Darkroom in the Desert setup including:

1. At the Heart of the System is a 12V Hub Router

2. Safe dry, dust free space to store your equipment out of sight

3. Power available to charge your equipment any time and anyplace

4. Secure Location ready for Network Attached Storage

5. Networking to make backups easy to do and secure

6. Connectivity to the Cloud

7. Tools to make life easier

8. Use of Fuel cell for 12V power