Detailed Pricing and Options List Kimberley Kruiser

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Kimberley turned the caravanning world on its head with the Fibreglass Kimberley  Kruiser Models.

They are born from the complaint that the traditional crinkle cut side caravan does not have enough “view” reaching out into the bush you are camping in. Instead they are designed for caravan parks with spaced windows, plenty of timber panels inside and a “busy” looking “small room” interior.

The clean internal lines of the Kruiser and the placing of the seating and windows give a feeling of more space; always letting you enjoy the million dollar views.

You are effectively “camping” in a luxury cocoon that is designed so you don't feel isolated or “contained”. You are letting nature in. After all, that is the big benefit of an offroad caravan: to Experience ALL of Australia. Outback models just don’t do this.

For the latest models, we have the detailed pricebook that you can download.

You can customise your caravan in many ways. Dont be frightened by this, our expert dealers will help you.

This download has 11 pages showing the options that are included in each model, the price of options available so you can work your own combination of options to suit your needs.

 Kruiser OffRoad Caravan Kimberley 2015 Model Pricing sheet



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