Design for comfort with off road caravans and camper trailers

There is a dilemma when traveling to out of the way places:
Where is the fine line between authentic camping and new-age comfort?

If you want to imitate “Bear” Grills and his “minimalist” style of adventure, then this book is not for you.
Mind you “Bear” doesn’t take his wife with him. And that is the rub!
For the author to get his wife into deep out of the way places, there has to be a high level of comfort!

This fine line is accommodated if you consider the off-road caravan or camper trailer as your private “oasis”.
You can re-treat to it when ever it suits.
You can easily walk from it into the authentic adventure of Australian National Parks and surroundings.  
After leaving the camp-fire at night, it is so comfortable to have a quick shower before bed and snuggle up... without leaving a trace!

  • This eBook covers having an Oasis to explore Australia from:

    Water is like Gold in the Bush: Water Tank Sizing, Using Multiple Water Tanks wisely

    Pumping external water, Measuring Water tank levels

    How does “Diesel Hot Water“ work

    Dual Grey Water Tanks and Using reclaimed water

    Importance of understanding canvas and insulation

    Airflow with canvas, Kwik Canvas and Draught Skirt designs, Cool Canvas Airflow

    Insulation in Caravans, Ultimate tropical roof for a Caravan

    Safe Heating, Diesel and Space Heater Types, Membrane Heater technology

    Roof Air conditioners and height, Split Air conditioners and low noise

    12V Battery operated air-conditioners, Addendum on Energy and Power

The core question then when investigating your requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience?

So, have a read through this eBook to decide.