The lightest, largest & most durable bench-top in an off road caravan

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Aug 20, 2014 11:31:00 AM

off road caravan benchtops solid surface IMG 0072Kimberley™ have been using Solid Surface benchtops and tables for 4 years now and they have performed exceptionally well. The good looks combined with functionality make this versatile internal layout a core feature for this off road caravan. Not only does the kitchen boast a sleek and stylish look, but the large size makes it so practical for everyday use. Consider these benefits:

  • Hygienic
  • Durability and ease of Maintenance
  • Matching lightweight table
  • Renewable Surface
  • Large size of one long practical layout!

Under this bench-top is a 133 litre compressor refrigerator (with freezer), 4 draws and 4 cupboards.

Some models* include a microwave which takes up one of the cupboard spaces. This furniture is all lightweight aluminium with the timber draw fronts in cherrywood.

The layout with the fridge in the middle and the cooktop and microwave on the left gives good balance and ease of use.

The hot water system is also diesel with the advantage of being virtually instantaneous. 

New 2015 Model Future Classic $77,777

Lets look at each of these points


Maintaining hygienic surfaces off road is vital for food preparation in remote sites. The Kimberley™ Solid Surface  benchtop is non-porous which means that bacteria, mould and liquids cannot penetrate the surface leaving a cleaner and healthier kitchen benchtop.

Kimberley Karavans off road caravan inside sinkThe smooth rounded edges and moulded profile give a seamless design with the stainless steel sink bonded underneath the benchtop.

The dish drain area has tapered grooves moulded into the top.

This means there are no minute crevices to trap dirt; reducing the risk of germs to breed. Plates and cups can be left to drain with the safe knowledge of absolute cleanliness.

Because of its high hygiene qualities, this type of surface is commonly used in commercial kitchens.

For every day care simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. After spills, just wipe the benchtop completely dry.

The result is absolutely no open cracks or joints that you get around the edge of top mounted sinks. This dramatically reduces dirt and bacteria.

The solid surface never requires sealing.

Highly Durable

Schott Ceramic cooktop in off road caravanWhen you’re investing in an off-road caravan you want it to look good for years to come. Kitchen presentation significantly lifts resale value. Kimberley’s™ inside kitchen is a beautiful, hardwearing surface tough enough to stand up to the everyday realities of travelling in the bush. It has natural strength and elasticity and is heat and stain resistant which means it will outlast almost any other type of bench-top. With proper care, your Solid Surface benchtop will remain as beautiful and elegant as the day it was installed. 

Together with the ceramic glass cooktop, the surface can be wiped clean and is so easy to look imaculate. You spend less time scrubbing and cleaning! Compare this to the work needed with a recessed gas hob and hinged glass plate covers.

Matching lightweight table

Solid surface table in off road caravanThe dining table in the Kimberley Karavan cops a lot of daily “wear and tear”. Its patented design means it stores under the Superqueen bed and pulls out just to the length that you need. For “happy hour” you may only have it out 500mm. But for dinner for 4, you will have it out 1200mm as shown in the photo.

This table is unique for caravans because of its light-weight space age construction. The core strength of the table comes from 30mm thick laminated Alloy honeycomb; straight out of the aircraft industry. This is stiff and yet weighs less than 3kgs per sq meter. It isn’t used anywhere else in the Karavan because of the significant cost of this material. Moulded around this alloy laminate is the solid Surface Table. If you look underneath, you can see the alloy material. Without this composite structure, the table would just snap in two with any weight on it when extended.

The table is tapered on one side for easy access. They are no sharp edges to hit your hip onto. You can adjust the gap by pushing the table in until you get the gap and length that suits you.

Renewable Surface

Kimberley’s™ solid surface is incredibly durable, however we know that accidents can happen. One of the benefits is that it can be renewed!

Unlike most other benchtops, scratches can be easily sanded out and you won’t even realise they were there.  And chips or dents can be cut out and filled.  How’s that for peace of mind?

Size and Visual Appeal

Why settle for multiple square sections of conventional benchtops with straight lines and hard edges when Solid Surface can be sculpted into flowing curves and rounded corners.

The high quality surface is well matched to the stainless steel sink. The mixer tap is chrome polished brass with ceramic valves. The cooktop is Schott Ceramic one piece that sits in the benchtop. The draw and cupboard fronts are cherrywood. Some models* have under-bench light for soft mood lighting.

Kimberley's™ solid surface bench-top and table are moulded which means there are no open cracks or joints in your kitchen benchtop. They are chemically inert and non-toxic, meeting even the most restrictive food zone standards.

Finally the size: It is incredible that in this compact off road caravan you can have an open bench-top size of  2,070 mm long and approx 550  mm wide. And this is all in one line. The levels are split so the bed can slide in over the top of the lower "sink" section when closing the Karavan. However, when the Karavan is completely closed, you can still get access to the fridge directly when making a roadside stop.

In addition to this size is the 1,200 mm x 625 mm wide table.

2015 Karavan Benchtop Layout off road caravans

The new 2015 Model Classic Kimberley Karavan is priced at $77,777 and features listed above are included in this model. For more information on this model see here:

Kimberley Karavan best value off road caravan australia FB



CLICK TO DOWNLOAD DETAILED PRICE BOOK Full Model & Option Pricing With 100+ options you can configure  your own  Dream Off-Road Caravan!

*Some models have these optional items as standard: Kimberley Karavan Limited Edition, Kimberley Eco-Suite™. The inside Shower is also standard on these models.

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