This owner likes living on the edge with his off-road caravan

Posted by Cameron Johnston

Jun 5, 2014 2:00:00 AM

offroad caravan grand canyon on the edge e resized 600Some Karavan owners go to great lengths to reach the best camping spot with their Kimberley off-road caravan. But this camping spot takes the cake! Perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon in the USA, one intrepid Kimberley owner enjoys a view that money can't buy. Read on and meet the man behind this photo.

Kimberley Owner Profile : Brad Garland, Prescott, Arizona, USA
KK: How long have you been traveling with Kimberley trailers?
About 10 years now. My first Kimberley was a Kamper model with full canvas and a wood burning stove.  I traveled with that set up for 7 years and had many memorable adventures with it.  Wanting a bit more comfort and hard side for when the weather gets rude, We upgraded to a Karavan in 2011.  Mine was the first Karavan imported to the US.  For the last 3 years I have been enjoying the back country with all the comforts of home in the Karavan.


offroad camper trailer camping garland e

KK: What do you love most about traveling with a Karavan?
The durability of the build.  I know when I get to camp and won't have to back track looking for all the parts that would have fallen off if it was US built trailer.

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KK: Who do you travel with? (ie do you travel with friends or solo)
I like to get out a lot so if others are not available then I go anyway by myself with Roxy, my Giant Schauzeras as my camping companion.  My wife Pam joins me on some trips as long as I promise not to take her up on shelf roads hung on the side of steep mountain slopes.  Our tow rig and the Karavan handle it fine but her gentle soul gets too rattled to enjoy it.  :-)

offroad caravan 4wd garland e

A couple times a year I also like to get out with a larger group of friends for some social time in the back country.

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KK: Where do you travel to?
When I lived in Southern Arizona in Tucson I frequented the local remote deserts in the winter and the local high country mountains in the summer to escape the heat. Once in a while I would take longer trips up North to get to the more outstanding scenic areas of Northern Arizona, Utah and Colorado.  Recently we have moved to Northern Arizona and live in Prescott. That puts us 4 hours closer to these areas I look forward to exploring in my retirement. 
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KK: What is your average trip duration? How many times a year?Several times a year I pop out for short weekend trips in the local mountains just to decompress and enjoy the outdoors. A few times a year I like to get away for 5-7 day trips to paces like the Grand Canyon or the scenic San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado.
KK: What is your favorite destination/trip?
Has to be to few of the remote (difficult to get there) point over looking the Grand Canyon.  The views are awesome (see first image in this BLOG post) 

Why did you choose a Kimberley Karavan?
Back to the durability mostly.  All the confort features are nice to have but bottom line, the build quality and ability to travel for miles off road over rough conditions with confidence is what sold me on the Karavan.
KK: What are your favorite features of the Karavan?
The outside kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and love how the kitchen is outside. The diesel fired hot water is also on top of my list. 
KK: What is different about your Karavan - any special Options?
My Karavan came with the standard AGM batteries.  My favorite upgrade has been a custom 240AH LiFePo4 battery pack I had build here in the US and installed a couple years ago.  The combination of having good solar and a large Lithium battery pack allows me to stay out almost indefinitely without a generator as long as I have good sun. 
KK: Describe where are you planning to take your Karavan next 
The next big trip will be with another couple exploring Canyon De Chelly and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in October of this year.  Hopefully I will also have opportunities to get out for several weekend trips between now and then.

KK: What tow vehicle do you have?
My Current tow vehilce is a 2004 Toyota 4Runner with a V8 and auto tranny.


Brad is a talented photographer, you can check out some of his work HERE

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