Over 800 Kimberley off-road caravans have been built!

Posted by Cameron Johnston

Nov 21, 2013 5:00:00 AM

offroad caravan owners beachKimberley have built over 800 off-road caravans since 2006. You can have confidence when you buy a new Kimberley Karavan because you are buying a tried, tested and proven off-road caravan.

In case you aren’t aware, Kimberley hold an international patent over the slide-out and unfold action of the Kimberley Karavan.

The Kimberley Karavan Off-road Caravan Core Design Vision
We started out with a vision for a lightweight off-road caravan that could essentially go anywhere your 4WD can go and transform into a large accommodation when you arrived.
We have evolved this vision with plenty of customer feedback and travel experience now that the Karavan has been over every possible off road track in Australia.
offroad caravan with owner
The Kimberley Karavan is the only off road caravan that:
  1. is no wider than the 4WD and can match most 4WD wheels and tyres
  2. is similar height to a 4WD and stays low with split air-conditioner meaning it can fit in most garages as well
  3. has an inside shower and toilet
  4. has instant hot water and can pump from a stream or billabong directly for endless hot water
  5. has an outside full kitchen and second fridge drawer
Some highlights over the last 7 years
  • Our very first unit featured a mechanical winding mechanism - you'll be glad it is now a push-button electric winch!
  • Bench tops were upgraded from traditional timber laminate construction to a modern "Corian"-like solid surface - much more attractive finish, scratches can be buffed away and surface can withstand some hot items be placed upon it.
  • offroad caravan outbackTwo styles of large outdoor kitchens now available with large preparation area, sink, hot & cold water, BBQ, WeberQ, 2-burner stove options.
  • Outside drawer fridge option.
  • Portable TV screens for viewing in 2 different inside positions and 1 outside for watching movies around the campfire.
  • Satellite TV system with automated satellite dish and VAST decoder box. 
  • 12V air conditioning for generator-free air conditioning.
  • Bamboo-look vinyl flooring for much more modern appearance.
  • Folding seats with integrated bolsters for quick pack up time.
  • Rhino-suede and leather seating finishes.
  • Lithium Iron batteries introduced for lighter weight and deeper cycle capacities.
  • Grey water tanks for remote camping.
  • Diesel-powered air heaters
  • Underbed heater membranes
  • Air suspension with finger-tip control
  • Drawbar extension for amazing reverse turns.
  • One-touch parking brake system.
  • offroad caravan united states 3mm-thick Super thin solar panels are bonded to canopy for low wind drag and maximum amount of solar array possible for the roof size.
  • Energy efficient 12V fuel cell for extended remote stays with no generator
  • Outstanding fuel consumption results with low-drag super thin solar panels on roof and split system air-conditioning.
  • MPPT solar controllers for best solar performance possible.
  • Split system air conditioning added for far quieter operation and reduced roof height for easier garage storage.
  • The "Series 3” in 2009 added the redundant gas strut that pushes in addition to the lifting mechanism.


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