What is best Choice from 3 outside kitchens for off road caravans

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Jul 29, 2013 9:21:00 AM

Outside Kitchen in off road caravanKimberley provide a choice of 3 different outside kitchen in their off road caravans. Why go to so much trouble? What are the reasons for the alternatives?

The outside kitchen is a key component for any off-road caravan. Afterall, the best living room is the bush around you. Cooking at sunset outside after the flies have gone and the sky is tinged with red is just great. The last thing you want to be doing is tripping in and out to an inside kitchen.

Lets look at each one of the alternatives and why they are designed their own way.

Starting with the image above, this kitchen has a 30 litre drawer fridge on the left, a Weber Baby Q BBQ, plumbed hot and cold water, a sink, preparation bench and storage areas for utensils, plates and cooking condiments between the speakers. A separate large WOK burner is supplied to sit on the back side of the preparation bench.

Kimberley off road caravan kitchen 8032 900x500The purpose of the outside drawer fridge is to store food at a different temperature to the one inside. In particular, salads and soft perishables. The inside fridge can operate close to zero and bring down the temperature of beverages easily. The outside one can sit at a similar temperature to a crisper at home. The tomatoes wont freeze! You can, of course, place drinks in there as well. It is perfect for the bottle or cask of wine or even orange juice.

The Weber Baby Q is just so easy to operate. Because it has a hood, it is far more energy efficient than an open BBQ. It operates taking less energy and cooks slowly. This probably contributes to its success. Nearly everyone can cook a perfect BBQ on the Weber. The advanced chef can do much more on it and you can leave it cooking away for hours. The drawer it sits on, pulls away from the Karavan so the smells dont go inside. A small but important feature.

The slide out sink is small but big enough for cutlery and plates. A small attention to detail is the stainless steel sink can be lifted out and cleaned away from the kitchen if you wish.The hot and cold water is plumbed in and the drain drops to a bucket or through a drain hose.

The benefits of this kitchen are a strong appliance line-up and a compact layout. The drawback is limited preparation area.

Kimberley off road caravan kitchen 750x400 5589Now if you do most of your cooking on an outside fire and BBQ plate than this second option may be your preference. It has a large preparation area so all the food can be prepared and laid out. The large sink and drain area is perfect for all the fireside pots and pans. The large utensil drawers are also better for fireside use. The 2 burner and griller cooker suits the traditional camper who wants to be able to grill and make toast at any time. This cooker will ltake 2 good sized billys as well as grill at the same time. The cook-top can be dissassembled for cleaning.

There is still the plumbed hot and cold water and the preparation bench is kept well clear from the cooker (important health requirement in food prep to avoid raw food getting "warm"). There is more pots and pans storage here as well. Without the fridge drawer, this outside kitchen is a lower price point than the first.

Kimberley off road caravan kitchen 8019 900x500

The last kitchen is open and has clean lines with a lot of outside storage. There is a stanless steel hooded BBQ here which can have either a single flat hot plate of a combination slotted open grill and hot plate. This BBQ has a waste drawer that keeps it clean and well suited to storing away. There is hot and cold water plumbed in and the food preparation unfolds on the right hand side. This will take a large WOK burner as well. The storage area on the left can be left open or configured with storage containers to suite your own style. In the long folded shelf between the speakers, you can store dry goods or condiments and even bottles of oil and sauces. 

Whatever the kitchen is that you choose, it will open up in less than a minute and you can pack away in the same time. The door folds upwards so if you have a roadside stop, just lift the canopy about half way (takes less than a minute), then lift the outside kitch door and start cooking!

outside caravan kitchen in full size off road caravan

If you are looking at a fullsize off road caravan, look at our Kimberley Kruiser here. It has a large fold down stainless steel table as a drinks table as well as food preparation. Either a Weber Baby Q of a regular 2 burner and griller cooker can be utilised here. The sink on this unit is plumbed into the grey water tank directly.

You may be interested in one of our 15 eBooks on travelling off road.

A complete list is located here or start and download this one on the Essential design of off-road caravans!



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