Save fuel with Air Suspension in an off-road caravan - What a Gem!

Posted by Cameron Johnston

May 7, 2013 6:30:00 AM

save on fuel cost  when towing offroad caravans twSave money, save the environment. When you are on tour a large cost you have to budget for is fuel. In the remote places you take an offroad caravan the cost of fuel skyrockets.  So if you can decrease your fuel consumption you'll save money. Less fuel burnt also means less harmful gases produced for the environment. Kimberley's new Air Suspension helps you save fuel, allows you to use one finger to level your off-road caravan at the campsite and fit inside your garage.

The size, shape and 'smoothness' of the vehicle plays a large role in fuel consumption. The size effects how much air you have to push through. Vehicles with certain shapes and lots of protrusions (like roof racks, crinkle cuts shapes, rear spare wheels etc.) create turbulent air which can cause drag on a vehicle which makes it harder to push through the air. So you need to look for an offroad caravan with a 'slippery' shape, low height and minimal surface protrusions. If you make it easier on your vehicle you can safe fuel in the process.

The challenge to decreasing the height of an off-road caravan is the associated decrease in overall ground clearance, ramp-over angle and departure angle. Using Air Suspension allows the caravan to travel at a lowered height on the highway but at a raised height when off-road. This way you can travel with a lower towing profile and save money with improved fuel consumption. The above fuel consumption of 12.0L/100km was achieved by the vehicle in the picture towing a Kimberley Karavan off-road caravan with regular coil suspension on the highway. With air suspension in the Karavan this figure would have been even lower.


No more juggling to find a perfectly level site!

  • The Karavan off-road caravan can be levelled by simply toggling the air switches that adjust the height on each side of the caravan.

    (The electric steps are anchored to the Karavan and also do not need level ground to be functional)

 Watch the video of the Kimberley Kruiser Air Suspension below to see it in action:

Reduce the height of your off-road caravan to fit in your garage.

heights of the Kimberley karavan off-road caravan
CLOSED (Travel) | Coil Suspension
CLOSED (Storage) | Coil Suspension
CLOSED (Storage) | Air Suspension
OPEN (Camping)
Internal walk through
1970 -
*Coil Suspension changed to Air Suspension, Together with reducing tyre pressure, Karavan with Airconditioner will drop to 2185mm* for garage entry.
(Based on 2013 Kimberley Karavan Limited Edition with 240V Aircon, Tyres-265R70R16 115 R LT (@14psi), Rims-16x8 and Airbags at 18psi)

For more information about Kimberley off-road caravans, download your free ebook below:

Cameron Johnston | Kimberley Group

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