Best Performance in a self-composting waterless toilet

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Oct 11, 2017 8:57:23 PM

Kimberley started installing self-composting toilets in 2014 with an integrated ventilation system in Kimberley Karavans. Self-composting toilets are very successful in boats but relatively new to caravans and camper trailers.

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Topics: waterless toilet, compost toilet, self-composting toilet, membrane heater

Innovation in Spades in 2017 Model Line up

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Mar 2, 2017 8:00:38 AM

Innovation that drives value and ease of use:

If you share our passion for free camping and travel anywhere, then research our new models. They preserve all the pleasures of camping AND bring a new-elevated level of comfort to do this with ease.

Check out these features:

2017 Model Kimberley Kamper

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Topics: BBQ, inside kitchen, soundbar, inverter, matching wheels, induction, waterless toilet, coffee, hot water dispenser, landrover

kimberley 4G + GPS technology - Best in Market

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Feb 15, 2016 5:23:42 PM

Kimberley have released their updated "Data Communications Pak for 4G and GPS" and it really packs a punch for technology. This is more than just a 4G upgrade. The pak includes a 4G antenna and a GPS antenna with an industrial 4G modem and Wifi Router. You can get data speeds of up to 100Mb/s with good reception. This means downloading music and movies on line. Of course you have to choose the right data plan but these are getting more and more economical.

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Topics: off-road caravans, off-road camper trailers, gps, 4G communication

Benefits of best suspension in an off-road caravan or camper trailer

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Jan 12, 2015 3:19:00 PM

"Ride Quality" is a great way to know if you have the best suspension on your off-road caravan or camper trailer. It really is this simple. Lets see if I can do a simple job explaining the linkages between suspension design and ride quality.

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Topics: off-road caravans, off-road camper trailers, air suspension, shock absorbers, suspension, air springs, corrugated road, disc brakes

Compliance of “Self Contained Only” Campsites for off-road caravans

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Nov 30, 2014 4:13:00 PM

There is a growing number of campsites that require compliance of RV's to be "self contained" and for their users to abide by the regulations. Kimberley off-road caravans comply with even the strictest of these regulations and have done for years.

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Topics: off-road caravans, self contained, self contained rv, leave no trace, compliance, grey water, black water, waterless toilets

Air suspension for Offroad Caravans & Campers: Diamonds in the Rough

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Nov 21, 2014 5:24:00 PM

Travelling to the best parts of Australia, you will need to enjoy the ride... literally. Air suspension on offroad camper trailers and caravans is just the easiest way to do this.

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Topics: offroad caravan, off-road caravans, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, off-road camper trailers, air suspension, suspension, air springs, mono-tube shock absorbers

Jeep Rubicon towing Kimberley Karavan offroad caravan in Idaho USA

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Nov 7, 2014 5:31:00 AM

This Jeep Limited Edition (Rubicon) is owned by an Idaho (USA) customer. What's exciting is the matching of the Jeep with the Karavan. The customer has it prepared to carry the weight. Here are some comparisons:

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Topics: off-road caravan, air suspension, suspension, offroad caravans, Jeep, Rubicon

Highest tech Air Spring for off-road caravans - Designed in Ballina!

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Aug 29, 2014 8:37:00 AM

Suspension innovation is probably the most important factor in a 4WD’s off-road superiority. Are trailers, caravans and campers trailer different in their design requirements to 4WDs? Yes, absolutely. The differences are so great, there are few vehicle suspension experts who understand the nature of a towed trailer.

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Topics: off-road caravan, off-road camper trailers, air suspension, shock absorbers, suspension, air bags, air springs

The lightest, largest & most durable bench-top in an off road caravan

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Aug 20, 2014 11:31:00 AM

Kimberley™ have been using Solid Surface benchtops and tables for 4 years now and they have performed exceptionally well. The good looks combined with functionality make this versatile internal layout a core feature for this off road caravan. Not only does the kitchen boast a sleek and stylish look, but the large size makes it so practical for everyday use. Consider these benefits:

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Topics: off-road caravan, offroad caravan, off-road caravan cooking, diesel cooktop, diesel cooking, solid surface, bench tops, lightweight table, inside kitchen

Weight distribution and stability in an off road caravan

Posted by Bruce Loxton

Aug 8, 2014 1:26:00 PM

You have all see those caravans with 2 large spare wheels hanging off the back of the rear bumper. You may have thought, “that looks safe and protects the rear”. It may well do but there is a far higher probability this caravan will be less stable because of the weight distribution.

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Topics: off-road camper trailers, light weight off-road caravans, air suspension, suspension, offroad caravans, coupling hitch for lightweight off-road caravan, weight distribution, rear wheel carrier, drawbar weight

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