Guide to Design for Desert/Sandy Areas with an Off-road Caravan or Camper Trailer

Sand travel on Fraser Island with Kimberley Kamper

A campfire in the desert is like no other. Sparks rising upward towards the stars with glowing embers melting into the ground. You feel close to the origin of mankind and it can send chivers up your spine!

Do you have enough water? Are you well prepared for crossing sandy sections of track?

Traveling through the desert needs special preparation. It also involves special preparation and taking things with you. (Like taking firewood with you.)

This can add to the weight of your vehicle. 

However, you need the absolute lightest load and overall weight. This is where the challenge lies. How to select the right options for your off road camper trailer or caravan for the safest travel across harsh and hot country; or for travel on remote sandy beaches.

Design Guide For Caravans and Camper Trailers in Desert Sandy Areas P1 440pxwKey elements are discussed in this EBook. It isn’t written for long stays in the desert but for travelers “passing across” spartan earth or sand.

This is written for BOTH caravans amd camper trailers with a specific section on canvas design for desert travel.

Download this eBook of 76 pages which includes the following topics:

Foreword: Desert/Sandy areas can be both beautiful and deadly!
  1. Low weight is essential
  2. Traps that increase “apparent weight”
  3. Importance of good Suspension
  4. Length and Ramp over angles
  5. Matching wheels tyres
    Large Diameter Wheels and tyres
  6. Water - How much do we need?
    Water tank configurations  Dual Grey Water Tanks and Using reclaimed water
  7. Importance of understanding canvas in hot climates
    Tropical Roof: both Canvas and Metal
    Insulation, Airflow, 12V Air-conditioning and comfort off-road
    Air-flow and Natural Coolness
    Air conditioners
  8. What is the trend in energy use in a caravan?
  9. What size batteries to design for?
  10. The weight of adding batteries and solar
  11. The “weight effect” of Braking

With the right camper trailer or caravan and vehicle combination, you can travel safely anywhere and experience all of Australia. 

Download this eBook to find out more!